Truck Stop/Travel Center Site Evaluation

Before you spend money on a market analysis/feasibility study from any marketing company ask us to help you better understand who in the truck stop industry would recognize the information as being of value.

An expert in the fields of truck stop/travel centers and the fuel industry, Gary Hall understands the nuances of on-going-concern valuations for special-use properties. His special expertise, analysis, and consultation is sought by appraisers of truck stop and travel center businesses for banks, condemnations, and real property asset sales.

In addition to working with qualified appraisers, Gary utilizes current news, key industry research and data, legislative and regulatory issues, industry trends and forecasts – data that affects Truck Stop/Travel Center businesses and their valuation.

To help evaluate a truck stop property, Gary considers:

  • Site history as being a truck stop
  • Site visibility from the interstate
  • Site suitability for proper access and neighborhood compatibility
  • Site design, on site circulation, and non-conflicting ingress and egress
  • Feasibility for future modernization, expansion, improvement or adding amenities
  • Site potential to provide adequate parking, and visible offsite signage
  • Historic data on professional driver experiences including incidents, complaints, onsite accident reports and fuel spills
  • New competitors in the specific market area

With 50 years combined real world experience in all aspects of the truckstop/travel center industry, Truck stop Consultants has the knowledge and expertise to provide truck stop property appraisers inside industry information not available in publications or historic industry surveys.

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Clients and projects:

Truck Stop Consultants has provided truck stop and travel center business analysis and consultation to appraisers for their clients nationwide. We are pleased to have been associated with land owners and their attorneys, appraisers and traffic engineers on the following cases:

  • Ettore Properties v Texas Department of Transportation, Ft Worth, TX · 2015
  • Texas Department of Transportation v Fikes Truck Stop, Waco, TX · 2014
  • Colorado DOT v Pilot Travel Centers · 2014
  • Gary W Evans v Horn Oil Company, Inc. North Carolina (Personal Injury) · 2014
  • Statesville, NC Homeowners v City of Statesville & Loves Travel Stops (Zoning) · 2014
  • Oregon DOT (P) V Madras Truck Stop (Condemnation) · 2014
  • Brandon Fisheries LTD v Northern States Power Co (Condemnation) · 2014
  • Texas Department of Transportation v Loves Travel Stops (Condemnation) · 2013
  • Industrial Truck Wash v New Mexico Department of Transportation (Condemnation) · 2013
  • Champion Truck Stop, Karta Group v Texas Department of Transportation (Condemnation) · 2012
  • California DOT (D) v Flying J Travel Centers (Condemnation Litigation) · 2008
  • Poole Oil Company v Oregon Department of Transportation (Condemnation) · 2006
  • Oregon Department of Transportation v Petro Stopping Centers (Condemnation) · 2005
  • Witham Truck Stop/Parts & Equipment v Oregon Department of Transportation (Condemnation) 
  • Ernst Brothers/Mollies Truck Stop v Oregon Department of Transportation (Condemnation) · 2003
  • Thomas Pistacchio v Flying J Travel Plazas (Truckstop Design Copyright) 1998
  • Oregon Department of Transportation v Kruger’s Truck Stop (Condemnation) · 1997
  • Oregon Department of Transportation v Burns Bros. Truck Stops (Condemnation) · 1996
  • Unocal v Gordon Barron Truck Stop Contract Litigation · 1995
  • Truckstop contract management for Safeco Properties/Safeco Insurance · 1981-1995