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Why Gary Hall Associates Should Be Your FIRST Call

Gary Hall & Associates KNOW the Truckstop business. We can help
you with ALL PHASES of your Travel Plaza / Truckstop planning, development & operations:

  • Learn about investment opportunities in new or existing Travel Plaza / Truckstop operations
  • Real estate site selection and consultation
  • Site review — we’ll meet with you to evaluate your site
  • Site plan development and review; what must be included
  • General manager search — we’ll assist you in hiring the best!
  • Attracting drivers & marketing your new Travel Plaza / Truckstop
  • How to maximize profit for your Travel Plaza / Truckstop investment
  • Design smart: Avoid over-designing, overbuilding & over-spending
  • Services on an “as needed” basis keep your costs lower
  • Member of NATSO The National Association of Travel Plazas and Truckstops 1-888-ASK-NATSO

Why our Travel Plaza Business Projector should be your FIRST INVESTMENT TOOL!

Our exclusive Travel Plaza Business Plan Projector will provide you with a summary of projected revenue and expenses in just 2 days!

  • Real-World Travel Plaza / Truckstop revenue & expense projection
    for your partners, investors and bankers
  • Comprehensive planning tool provides SUMMARY of projected REVENUE
  • Cost effective — No large upfront consultation fees; Our telephone consultation fees are very reasonable.

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